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Curious, lively, and intense but mischievous, this little black dog is a robust, long-lived companion for whom there is never a dull moment with 2% Shiba $BONE rewards.

Schipperkes are small dogs built for hard work. Schips were created as ratters and watchdogs. Their powerful jaws, necks, and forequarters' with a stealthy, catlike hunting styles them ideal rat-catching machines. The black coat is profuse around the neck, shoulders, and legs, giving the breed a silhouette that accentuates a thick, substantial body. The foxy face completes the unique look of a unique breed. If you can't tell a Schipperke from an ordinary dog, you simply haven't been paying attention.

Schipperke Inu $SCHIPS is an innovative new ERC-20 meme token on the Ethereum Network that gives out $BONE rewards every 8 hours to those who hold! We are striving to create the same inspirational journey many before us have gone through. He provides a safe home for his community members during one of the biggest and scariest bear markets in recent times. The $SCHIPS community will be known as a strong, supportive, and positive community in the crypto space as everyone works together to crush 0's and reach success.


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How To Buy $SCHIPS

$SCHIPS Tokenomics

Tax is 6% on every transaction. This is 2% into development & maintenance, 2% into marketing, and 2% $BONE rewards to holders every 8 hours.

Security is the number one priority when trading in crypto. That is why we will have 100% of our LP locked to ensure as much trust as possible.

The max amount of tokens an investor can buy or sell is 2% of the total supply and the max amount an investor can hold is 3%.

Our total supply with be large, just like the dog tokens that lead before us. Liquidity will be added to the entire 1,000,000,000,000,000 supply.

Hold $SCHIPS and receive $BONE rewards every 8 hours automatically! 

$BONE is a governance token of Shibaswap ecosystem which will allow the #ShibArmy to vote on upcoming proposals. The more BONE the user holds, the more weight of their vote carries in these future endeavors. 

Our unique tokenomics allow for all $SCHIPS holders to recieve $BONE automatically and freely! With every transaction, 2% will be taken and used to buy $BONE to be distributed equally amongst all holders every 8 hours!

To learn more about $BONE, please visit their official CoinMarketCap link!

SchipMap: Road To Domination

We can be apart of an incredible crypto journey together, moving as one, reaching our goals of financial freedom. We must stay persistent!

Schipperke headT.png

The Beginning

  • Live On Uniswap

  • Socials Expansion

  • Coin Voting Sites

  • Contract Audit

  • Coingecko Application

  • CoinmarketCap Application

The Take Over

Schipperke headT.png
  • Open Letter, Donation

  • dApp & Utility Build Out

  • Billboard Ads

  • Press Release

  • Buyback & Burn Events

  • Website V2

Global Domination

Schipperke headT.png
  • CEX Listings

  • Whitepaper V2

  • Media Partnerships

  • Miner dApp

  • Trust Wallet Logo

  • Conquest into Phase 4...

Buy $SCHIPS Directly Through

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